Calling All the Monsters Makeup

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Calling All the Monsters Makeup Tutorial

One of the many perks of my job. Miss Rosanne's Test-Run

One of the many perks of my job. Miss Rosanne's Test-Run


  • White Powder Makeup*

  • Black Powder Makeup*

  • Makeup applicators (eg wedges, brushes, etc)

  • Blush (any pink or red shade)

  • Pencil Eyeliner (BLACK)

  • Mascara (BLACK)

  • Lipstick (RED)

  • Makeup remover and face wash

*The white and black powder makeup are the only two things you may not already have. Everything else is standard in a dancer’s stage makeup kit.

Step One - White Powder

Step One - White Powder

STEP ONE - White Powder

Using a makeup wedge (or something similar), apply white powder all over face and neck.


STEP TWO - Black Powder

Using a makeup wedge or brush, apply black powder to the following places:

Eyes: All around the eye going all the way up to the eyebrow.

**The eyes should be the place you apply the most black powder. The rest should be a little lighter.**

Cheeks: Should be applied UNDER the cheekbones, starting at the cheekbone and brushing back toward the ear.

Temples: Brush a small amount just on the temple area in a circular motion

Nose: Brush a small amount on the sides of the nose

Jaw & Neck: Brush a small amount just UNDER the jaw bone and down the soft parts of the front of the neck.

Step Three - Blush

Step Three - Blush


Using a blush brush, apply pink or red blush to the area on the cheeks just over where you put the black makeup. You want a nice blended look of mostly black with a pinkish hue to it.

STEP FOUR - Finish Eyes

Apply black eyeliner and mascara to top and bottom of the eye as you normally would with regular stage makeup.

STEP FIVE - Finish Face

Take your white powder and go over the parts of your face where the white should be especially highlighted: 1) The space between the eyes and the cheeks, 2) the front of your nose, 3) the forehead, and 4) on top of the jawline. This will help pull out a better contrast between the white and the black makeup on stage.

STEP SIX - Finish Lips

Use your black eyeliner pencil and apply to lips like you would a lip liner. Stay within the natural line your lips make. Using your finger, blend the black into the center of your lips. The darkest part should still be the outline. Then, apply red lipstick as you normally would for the stage and rub lips together to get the colors to blend.

Finished! If you practice, you can complete this look in about 10 minutes. Be sure to practice putting it on, and email us if you have any questions!