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Team Uniforms

Each dancer will be required to wear the team leotard, shorts, and our NEW Team T-Shirt to any Gotta Dance event that does not require a costume.  The team uniform will be our “costume” that everyone wears to all performances and conventions where a traditional dance costume isn't needed or required. 

Black & White Team Outfit


  • Black & White Checkerboard Pants
  • Black & White Rhinestone Jacket
  • Black Gotta Dance Tank Top
  • Pink Bra Top

$50 deposit is required while Miss Karen gets full pricing on the outfit

 Team Warm-up & Leotards


  • Full Pink/Black/White Warm-up
  • Black Cap-sleeved Leotard
  • Black Cross-front Leotard
  • Black Personalized Shorts
  • Pink Glitter Dance Bag
  • Rhinestone Headband

$361 (for those who ordered child-size shorts)

$362 (for those who ordered adult-size shorts)


Payment is due by September 6th

The leotards and shorts tend to run small so we ask that everyone comes in to try them on before purchasing. We have samples of these leotards at the studio for your child to try on before we place our order.

If your Team leotard and shorts from last year still fit, you do NOT need to purchase a new set. You will just need to purchase the NEW Team t-shirt.

Take good care of your team uniform, and it will last you a long time...or at least till you grow out of it!


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