Rehearsal Videos (Private)

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Team Rehearsal Videos

Links to this year's routines will be up here to make it easier to practice.


  • These videos are not public on YouTube, so they are not searchable. The only way to access it is through the links below.

  • Please keep these videos private by not sharing the link with anyone or posting it anywhere. It is for personal use only.*

  • The purpose of these videos are to help our Team memorize the routine more quickly and accurately. These videos do not act as substitute for missing class. In class, Miss Rosanne and Miss Nicole provide a slow breakdown of steps and the technique required to execute them properly. Our rule stands that excessive absences from class may lead to the exclusion of that dancer from parts or all of a routine. Knowing the steps ≠ perfecting the technique of the steps.

Wicked (with music) - Part 1

July 2017

Wicked (with music) - Part 2

Wicked (a cappella)

July 2017