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Performance Team Sponsor T-Shirt Fundraiser 2016-2017

We have been planning all summer for the 2016-2017 dance season and we are VERY excited with what we have in store for the Team and for the entire school!


While we try to keep Performance Team costs as low as possible, competition entry fees and costume costs can start to add up quite quickly.  In recent years, a few of our team parents got together and started discussing fundraising ideas to help alleviate some of the costs associated with being on a Performance Team. One of the more popular ideas was creating “Sponsor Shirts.”  As this is the third time Gotta Dance will be running this fundraiser for our Team families, we can tell you that many have had a very positive experience raising money this way for their personal studio accounts.


Here is how a sponsor shirt fundraiser works:

We would like you to visit as many businesses as you can, especially those that you frequent, in addition to your own family and friends, asking them for donations to help support our Performance Team. (print our letter and form here). 

All sponsor names and messages will be imprinted on the back of the T-shirt that has been designed for our Team and will be worn at every one of their events.  Each of the tier levels is advertised by the donation amount.  The greater the donation, the bigger the size of the font for exposure will be on the back of the T-shirt. It is a good opportunity for businesses to get some inexpensive advertising, or for family members and friends to print a personal message that your child will have as a keepsake for years to come.

Also, as an added incentive for businesses who donate in the Diamond or Gold tier, Gotta Dance offers a commemorative certificate and a photograph of our team, suitable for framing, should they choose to display the Team wearing their sponsor shirts.  

It is not mandatory for you to participate in fundraising for these sponsor shirts, however, it is mandatory that EVERY DANCER and THEIR PARENT purchase (2)  shirts as part of our “Team uniform.”  Additional shirts can be ordered for any of you who are interested, however, they must be included with your original order which is due on September 12th.  It is also important to remember that 100% of the proceeds each dancer collects from each sponsor will be applied to their individual account to be used for competition fees, costume costs, etc.  Understandably, the amount of money you raise for yourself, will solely depend on how much or how little you choose to go out and fundraise.

Example of Sponsor T-shirt Back

Example of Sponsor T-shirt Back


The front of the shirt will depict a BRAND NEW Gotta Dance Performance Team design. The back of the shirt will say “Thanks, Sponsors, for Having our Backs!” and below will list our sponsors business names and/or messages under 4 categories, or tiers: “Friends and Family” ($25), “Silver Tier” ($50), “Gold Tier” ($75), “Diamond Tier” ($100 or more).

Of course, Miss Karen is going to try to add some Gotta Dance “bling” to the design of the shirt while still keeping costs as low as possible. :-)



Tips On Asking For Donations

If you are planning to ask a business whose owner does not know you, it is highly suggested you visit the business personally or make a phone call first, to find out which person at each business is responsible for this decision.  Explain who you are and why you are calling/visiting. You may take lines from the letter we provided to help form what you will say. Be sure to stress that our Team does more than just compete. Be sure to stress that our Team does more than just compete. We frequently perform at community events in the area. You want the businesses to understand that MANY PEOPLE will see this shirt.

Then hand-deliver the letter in person, thanking them in advance for their consideration of sponsoring your group. Businesses receive letters every day, asking for money and sponsorships. That is why we advise you to deliver in person. Better yet, bring your daughter along with you to make these visits more personal. You will be surprised how much more effective this will be, instead of just mailing a letter.

Be prepared to get turned down by some - just be polite and say thank you.  Many will tell you that they will "think about it" or "I need to get approval from the boss". In that case, make a call back a few days later. This way they know you are persistent and serious about your cause.

Good luck!

All t-shirt fundraiser forms and money must be submitted to Gotta Dance no later than September 12th, 2015