Spring/Summer Events

Please fill out this form in its entirety and submit it BEFORE MARCH 1ST. More information regarding each event will follow.

The Performance Team was formed in order to give our dancers who have a true love of dance an opportunity to perform throughout the year. As a member of this Team, we expect every dancer to commit to every event. Even if one or two dancers "choose" not to participate in an event, it truly effects the entire group!

For more detailed information regarding these events, please refer to the email that was sent out to you on February 24th or check the Team Event Calendar listing on the website.

Dancer's Name *
Dancer's Name
National Dance Week Dance Mob *
April 23rd & 25th $39.00 per dancer (money & release form due March 28th)
Dorney Park Dance Festival *
May 17th, $50 per dancer & $30 per family/friend in attendance. (instructions & ticket money due date to follow)
Elmwood Park Community Day *
June 6th, Event is FREE to dancers and spectators (release form due date to follow)
State Fair Meadowlands *
June 28th $7.00 for dancers and spectators age 12 & younger, $9 for dancers and spectators age 13 & older (ticket money and release form due date to follow)
National Dance Day at Point Pleasant *
July 25th $65 per dancer, spectators just pay to get on Point Pleasant Beach (money and release form due date to follow)
Team Summer Workshop *
July 20-23 6:00 - 8:00 pm $160 per dancer ($144 if paid by May 4th)