St. Joe's Children's Hospital

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Giggle's Theatre Performance at St. Joe's Children's Hospital

As many of you know, Giggles Theatre used to be run by the organization "Medical Missions". Just before the holidays, Medical Missions announced they were no longer going to be running the Theatre in St. Joseph's Hospital any longer and within in a few months, plans were being made for events to be run at that theatre, only under different management. We were very fortunate to find out that one of the organizers is the mother of a long-time student (now Gotta Dance Alumni) of ours and so we were able to secure a performance this spring at the theater. While it is no longer called "Giggles Theatre", we decided to use the old name for the time being while they figure out a new name. 



Thursday, April 20, 2017

4:30 pm: Dancers arrive in the lobby. We will be escorted up to the Theater on the 2nd floor as a group and we would like to run a brief rehearsal before the show so please don't be late.

5:00 pm: Showtime!


St. Joseph's Children's Hospital 

703 Main Street

Paterson, NJ




FREE for dancers and spectators


  • Black & White Outfit (including tank top)
  • Shoes: Dance boots for all. Half-soles for Minis. Pirouettes for Juniors & Seniors
  • Hair in a high ponytail & wearing sequin headband
  • Light make-up (not as bright as stage make-up), HOT PINK lipstick.



Each participant:

  • must have good attendance to their weekly Performance Team class
  • have good attendance in their other weekly dance classes




Gotta Dance has a minimum participant requirement. We reserve the right to cancel the event if we do not meet the required number of participants. Each dancer must be accompanied by an adult chaperone that day throughout the performance.  

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