Tricky Tray



Saturday, November 12th

Set-up at 12:00 Noon *** Doors open at 5:00 pm *** BINGO starts at 6:00 pm

The Boys and Girls Club of Garfield - 490 Midland Avenue, Garfield, NJ



Each ticket costs $30 and includes:

  • BINGO sheets for the night. (Additional BINGO sheets may also be purchased at the event)
  • Access to our Tricky Tray Event
  • Showcase by the Team
  • Coffee, Tea, and Baked Goods

Adults only. No children or alcohol are permitted at any event with gambling.



  • Sell a minimum of 7 tickets
  • donate 4 baskets (one of each valued at $25, $50, $75, & $100)
  • contribute 2 dozen homemade or bought baked goods
  • help with set up and clean up the day of the event
  • distribute flyers to advertise the event.
  • Share our Tricky Tray Event Page on Facebook to advertise the event.


*Any Team parent that does not meet the requirements listed above will not be eligible for a cut of the proceeds.



Ask around local businesses, family, and friends if they have anything (however large or small) that they can donate for the Tricky Tray. You will make more money in the end if you don't purchase everything yourself!

We need each parent to wrap their own baskets. All items in the basket need to be easily seen so people know what they are trying to win. Use the pictures as examples of how smaller items can be wrapped. The dollar store is a great place to find inexpensive containers and baskets if needed.

Each Team member must contribute one basket each worth $25, $50, $75, & $100, but if you are fortunate enough to have more donations than that, it will certainly help! Each prize will help generate more money that will go into your individual fundraiser account!


Where does the money we raise go?

For each $30 ticket that is purchased, $20 goes to the Performance Team. (That is why it is so important to get out there and sell tickets and distribute flyers!)

Guests will purchase tickets to enter our Tricky Tray raffle. All the money that is made from purchasing the Tricky Tray tickets will also go to the Performance Team. (So we need our Team families to encourage people to purchase these raffle tickets when guests arrive.)

After we tally up the money, we will give each Team member + Gotta Dance an equal cut of the total.*

*Any Team parent that does not meet the requirements listed above will not be eligible for a cut of the proceeds.


For all Tricky Tray-related questions, please contact Anna or Michelle:

Anna:, 201-755-0340

Michelle:, 551-655-4051